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Author Topic: Quick Guide to ZSR  (Read 7236 times)
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« on: January 29, 2012, 10:40:13 AM »

Here's a quick guide to ZSR.

ZeldaSpeedRuns is a site dedicated to hosting knowledge useful to speedrunning all of the various Zelda games. ZeldaSpeedRuns was opened on August 29, 2009.

Related sites

SpeedDemosArchive.com is a speed run hosting site which hosts a large number speedruns. It was the original home base for much of our community until we moved here to ZSR.

SpeedRunsLive.com is a sister site created by Cosmo and others which hosts live races 24/7 for pretty much any stupid game you can get someone else to race you in. Many of the best Zelda speed runners compete there on a daily basis.

TASVideos.org hosts a number of Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TASs). A TAS is an emulated run which uses various methods to create an input stream that can complete a game in the fewest number of frames (or shortest time possible). A considerable number of tricks have been developed and improved on thanks to TASers.

Twitch.tv is probably the site that pointed you to our direction. The vast majority of our community live streams runs to Twitch.


Internet Relay Chat, basically used to chat with everyone all in one place. To join in you'll need an IRC client. The front page will link you to mibbit and hook you in directly with the #zelda chat, but you may want to download your own.

Main Server irc.speedrunslive.com (6667)
#zelda - Our official channel
#speedrunslive - SpeedRunsLive's official channel
#MQ - Ocarina of Time Master Quest chat
#oot3d - Ocarina of Time 3D chat
#mm - Majora's Mask chat
#alttp - A Link to the Past chat
#LADX - Link's Awakening and DX versions chat
#albw - A Link Between Worlds chat
#pheenoh - Meanos only Twilight Princess chat
#Skywardsword - Skyward Sword chat
Old Serverirc.speeddemosarchive.com
#sda - SpeedDemosArchive

Unwritten Forum Rules

  • Check out the pinned topics first before starting a new thread. Just about every game category has a thread dedicated to posting new glitches or asking for help on certain tricks or just general game help, so you don't need to make a new thread for every little glitch you find or every time you need help learning a trick. However, if you discover a sizable glitch that needs testing/expect to generate a considerable amount of discussion, make a post in the relevant glitch thread and create a new topic.
  • It is OK to revive an old thread as long as you add some meaningful discussion to it.
  • The front page has a number of good articles useful for learning new tricks, but many of them are either out of date with the latest tricks, or are missing some info. If you can't find a trick listed on the site, or if you find that there's missing/bad information, please post about it here. If you don't quite understand something, try asking someone in the IRC or posting a question in a game's respective help thread.
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This is art because the music is classical music, and the graphics are done with a pen. The story is something about a woman. I could not understand much of this to be honest, which makes it even more likely to be an art.
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