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Title: #BlameTK for ALBW filename at SGDQ
Post by: iamradiox on June 28, 2014, 05:34:16 PM
Hey guys, last minute PSA here. We're trying to push BlameTK as a filename for A Link Between Worlds at SGDQ2014. The Yetee has decided to put up another filename, which really sucks.

Why BlameTK? TK stands for Turothking, a cool Ocarina of Time runner. We blame him for everything due to his legendary bad luck in runs (like breaking his headset just by trying to put it on and stuff), which explains the blaming part.

The filename is not losing by much so if you're looking for an incentive on which you could put money on, it'd be nice if you could help us push this filename up where it belongs: in first place.